Low Calorie Dessert Recipes So Worth It!

Everybody cherishes dessert yet few acknowledge exactly that it is so natural to make low calorie dessert plans. Just as easy and it doesn’t cost any more to substitute certain ingredients with their low-cal version. This is truly a lifestyle change, and easy to make a habit. Below are some easy changes to make, especially if you stock up ahead of time with the low calorie replacements.

Lots of baked goods will taste great if you replace the fats called for with applesauce or smashed up bananas. These low calorie dessert recipes will be more moist and flavorful, plus much healthier.


If your recipe calls for eggs, just remove the yellow yolks and use the whites only. It takes two egg whites to replace one whole egg. Most of the calories and cholesterol are contained in the yolk. Your low calorie dessert recipes will never know the difference!

Another great idea for a low calorie dessert recipe that has frosting, such as cakes or iced cookies, is to replace the butter in your frosting recipe with marshmallow crème. The consistency will be lighter and fluffier, without the butter fats. Marshmallow crème comes ready-made in a jar.

Many people will rave about this simple low calorie dessert recipe: Just blend your favorite fruits in bite-sized pieces with plain, fat-free yogurt. You’ll have a tasty Ambrosia type fruit dessert without the usual sour cream. Plain, fat-free yogurt is also higher in calcium!

For the chocolate lovers out there, a wonderful new product has just hit the market that is real chocolate made from whey. It has no sugar, chemical ingredients, or fake sweeteners added. Very low calorie dessert recipes friendly, it’s great for diabetics too.

Anytime you want a low calorie dessert recipe, remember also to replace all that sugar with the much healthier honey. It’s just as sweet and a whole lot healthier. But if you don’t have honey on hand, remember that brown sugar is better for you than white sugar, because the white is more refined and processed. And molasses is even healthier and lower in calories than brown sugar.

Of course there are always the brand-name sugar replacements on the supermarket shelf, but some people resist these as they believe the ingredients may not be as healthy as applesauce and molasses in your low calorie dessert recipes. There are several pro’s and con’s for using brand-name sugar substitutes, so reading up on them is advised. Many recipe books have this information, and it is also available on the internet.

So think ‘substitutes’ like fruit, honey and skim milk next time you want to make a scrumptious low calorie dessert recipe. You will surely prefer the taste and your heart will thank you!

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