Low Sugar Desserts Investigated

Well for whatever reason, your doctor has told you that you need to reduce your sugar intake. The first thing that comes to mind is how many desserts you are now going to have to pass on. While it is true that a lot of tasty confections are loaded with sugar, there are just as many enjoyable and delicious low sugar desserts to eat that have a lot less sugar in them.

Thanks to advances in science, many of the things you enjoy also have low sugar or sugar alternatives. You can buy low sugar desserts, low sugar ice cream, chocolate and whatever else your sweet tooth desires. Many people find it hard to tell the difference when it comes to taste. Many of your favorite recipes can be adapted to include low sugar desserts. These alternative sweeteners can replace sugar in just about any recipe, with very little concession to taste.

Fruit is a good thing to have on hand if you are trying to watch your sugar intake. A lot of fruits are naturally sweet, and it is the sweetness your body is craving, not the sugar specifically. A peach can be just as satisfying as a Hershey bar, and the peach is a lot better for you. Fruits are always perfect low sugar desserts.

Low calorie sweeteners and sugar alternatives have changed the way people watch their sugar. These sweeteners used to be terrible tasting and only fit for the very desperate. Over the years they have improved dramatically in both taste, and also in the variety of what is available. What started out as three products, has grown to over ten thousand and you can now use all of them in your low sugar desserts.

Some people also find other alternatives to use in place of sugar. These include honey, brown sugar, and sometimes molasses. Sugar tends to be more harmful because it puts on calories without providing the body a way to burn them off. Adding one or more of these natural sweeteners can help rectify this problem especially in your low sugar desserts.

Sometimes less is more. The FDA states that table sugar can still be used by those with blood sugar problems, as long as it is used in moderation. There isn’t really any need to dump it in your cereal, there are a lot of cereals that taste great without sugar, that are probably better for you. There isn’t really any reason to even put in your coffee anymore, now you can order flavored coffees and creamers that are probably better for you than straight sugar is. Low sugar desserts are just the beginning if you want to reduce your sugar intake.

If you have to watch your blood sugar, talk to your doctor and ask them which low sugar desserts are best for your diet. They will likely have several good recommendations, and if you include your doctor in your search for the perfect low sugar desserts, they can also help monitor your health as you try to find a sweetener that works for you. Many doctors are happy to do this, rather than having to treat the patient after the fact.

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